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Laschi's Garden Gang



Signing up is easy and it’s FREE!

Already a member?  Watch your mail, your card should arrive before our opening day.   If you need a new card or don’t get one, simply ask us when you visit the Garden Center or Fresh Food Market.


Garden Gang Member Benefits

Earn complimentary rewards good for a future purchase by simply doing what you love to do… shopping in our Garden Center and Fresh Food Market!


For every dollar spent, you’ll earn one point - collect 100 points to receive $5 in rewards (on any purchase of $25 or more!)


Garden Gang members receive other advantages:

•  Instant access to special events, contests and newsletters…

•  Exclusive Seasonal Specials, Special Discounts, Bonus Offers, Coupons…& more!


Garden Gang membership is NOT a credit card, so you never have to worry about paying fees, you’re not obligated to buy and earned points will NEVER expire!


Garden Gang Membership FAQ’S


Will you share my personal information if I sign up to be a Garden Gang Member?

Absolutely not!  Although we request your name, address, email address and telephone number to sign up we never share this information with anyone.   We promise never to send you junk mail or spam.


Can I join without providing an email address?

Yes, please do!  Your email address allows us to send you notifications for special discounts and events, but you may opt out of the email list and still earn points and discounts with your Garden Gang member card.


Do I need to join the Garden Gang in order to receive rewards if I already receive email from you?

Yes.   The information you provide at signup allows us to enter you into our reward system so we can track the points you earn with each purchase.


How do I accumulate points for my rewards?

Every time you make a purchase, you’ll earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on all purchases excluding gift cards; however, when redeeming gift cards, you’ll accumulate points as if you were making a regular purchase.


How will I keep track of my points or will you do that for me?

Every time you make a purchase, your current point status will be printed on the bottom of your receipt.   You can also ask us to look up your points at any time.


Will my points ever expire?

What if I forget to bring my Garden Gang card with me?

No - you earned them!   They’re yours to keep and use whenever you want!   If you forget your card, we can always look up your account with the phone number you supplied when you signed up.   We want you to continue to earn points for your loyalty!


How do I redeem points?

After you reach a minimum of 100 points you can redeem them for a reward.   Rewards will never expire so you can use them at any time that’s convenient for you.   The only limitation is that rewards may not be redeemed for cash and may not be shared with other Garden Gang members.


Can I earn points immediately after I sign up?

Yes, membership is effective within a few days, even if you haven’t received your card yet.   All you need to do is tell the cashier that you’re a Garden Gang member and your account can be credited with points from purchases by using the phone number associated with your account.


Can I earn points from previous purchases if I have the receipts?

Unfortunately, you cannot, but you can begin earning points as soon as you sign up to be a Garden Gang member!

Phone | 978-683-0309

Address | 20 Ayers Village Rd  Methuen, MA 01844


*Garden Gang discounts cannot be combined with other discounts