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20 Ayers Village Rd  Methuen, MA 01844


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Laschi's Mulch and Loam

We carry a variety of premium blend mulch, screened loam, decorative stone, and quality turfgrass.  Start your landcaping project right with Laschi's Garden Center.

Black Hemlock - $40 per yard

Red Hemlock - $42 per yard

Loam - $30 per yard

Black Hemlock Bark Mulch

A mixture of aged softwoods tinted with our black environmentally safe colorant. This finely textured mulch provides a striking contrast to brightly colored flowers and gardens.

Red Hemlock Bark Mulch

Finely textured, signature red-orange color. This beautiful mulch is especially striking against an evergreen background.

2016 Delivery Charges by Location


$35 Mulch

$50 Shrubs


Haverhill, MA

Methuen, MA

Salem, NH

$70 Mulch

$80 Shrubs


North Reading, MA

Lowell, MA


$40 Mulch

$60 Shrubs


Amesbury, MA

Bradford, MA

Boxford, MA

Dracut, MA

Groveland, MA

Lawrence, MA

Merrimac, MA

Newbury, MA

North Andover, MA

West Newbury, MA


$40 Mulch

$60 Shrubs


Atkinson, NH

Derry, NH

Hampstead, NH

Plaistow, NH

Pelham, NH

Windham, NH

A minimum of 3 yds. For mulch deliver.  Our truck can hold 8 yds of mulch.


Placement of delivered item: on the driveway or just to the right or left of driveway.  No exceptions!  We cannot guarantee exact time of day of deliveries.


One yard of mulch covers an area 10 ft x 10 ft, 3 in. deep.

Organic Products at Laschi's Garden Center

We also carry Moo Organic Manure Compost Products.

Neptune's Harvest:

Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer



Triple Phosphate

Garden Food

Plant Tone - Flower/Vegetables - Trees/Shrubs

Flower Tone - Promotes/Prolongs Blooming

Tomato Tone - Helps Prevent Blossom End

Holly Tone - Acid Loving Plants

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Address | 20 Ayers Village Rd  Methuen, MA 01844


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